Creating a CoWorking Office Community

Time sure flies by! I can’t believe it’s already been 2.5 years since I sold my financial services company. I’ve been keeping busy with a couple of other ventures, and thankfully enjoying some wonderful personal time and travel experiences, but the entrepreneur in me just isn’t ready to slow down.

I’ve been working hard on my latest business venture and I recently bought a second commercial office building that is centrally located in Ottawa. Unlike my other building, I’ll be converting the new one into a fully equipped CoWorking Office Space called “WorkAway Offices”.

I’ve always been inspired by other entrepreneurs and business owners, and can certainly relate to the many challenges and expenses of starting and running a business, especially when it comes to logistics, such as location, location, location!.

WorkAway Offices will provide a unique solution to a wide variety of entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, consultants and innovators, who may otherwise be working out of their home, garage or the local coffee shop.

CoWorking offers a great solution to the problem of isolation and distractions that many of us will experience while working at home or “on the road”. The office model is relatively new, but it’s really been catching on throughout the entire world.

What is a CoWorking Office Space?

In a nutshell a CoWorking space provides the ability for individuals to rent a fully furnished office within a shared working environment. The unique beauty with this model is that there are no long-term leases or commitments. All tenants (Members) rent on a month-to-month basis. As well, Members can also rent ancillary offices, workstations and meeting rooms by the hour, day, week or month. Since there are no requirements to commit to long term leasing, Members can stay for a month or ten years, it’s entirely up to them.

This concept is not only attractive to small business owners, work-at-home freelancers, consultants or contractors, It can also provide a huge benefit to those who have to travel frequently to another city for business, and require temporary or occasional office space. WorkAway will be a great solution for anyone who travels regularly to Ottawa and needs a place to conduct business.

Furnished Offices and Workstations

WorkAway office floor space is laid out to accommodate one person or multiple person offices. Members can also choose to just rent a dedicated workstation, desk or a meeting/board rooms. Some spaces can accommodate a one to a ten-person company.

Once you walk into our WorkAway Office, you’ll instantly be impressed by the professional look, really nice layout, unique colour scheme and great vibe in the building. We’re sure your client’s will be impressed with your office space as well. All areas are tastefully furnished, and members can bring in their own personal items if they wish to make their space their own.

How Does WorkAway Differ From Executive Suite Rentals

The main differences are price, collaboration and services.

Price: As mentioned above, WorkAway Offices are especially attractive to budget conscious owners of a small firm, or those who are the road, or working from home. Since furnishings and office amenities are included, and there are no long-term leases required, the cost to rent an office or desk, can be significantly lower than any alternatives out there.

Collaboration: The CoWorking environment is all about community. It allows for social collaboration with the best kind of co-workers, such as; advisors, designers, writers, artists, and developers. The Members have the unique ability to network, share ideas, collaborate, and ultimately inspire and motivate one another, all within their own office space. In addition to this, all Members are invited to participate in free in-house lectures, seminars and workshops that are presented by other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Turn-Key Services: WorkAway office staff will supply their community of Members with full turnkey services, such as: furnishings, office cleaning, Wi-Fi, social areas, kitchen, beverages, and 24/7 secured access.

Stay in Touch

I expect to have the WorkAway CoWorking building beautifully furnished and ready for Members by early December 2016. If you are interested in renting in this unique way, or you know of someone who may be, please pass along this information and contact me for more information and to be kept up-to-date. Follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn at the links below.