It was May 2017 when I first met Daniel Shapiro, PHD, CTO of Lemay Ai. He decided to drop in for a quick tour of WorkAway Offices.  It didn’t take long for Daniel to say, “Wow, I gotta show this space to my business partner, Mathieu Lemay.” A short while later, Mathieu dropped in for a tour of our space and we’re very fortunate to say that they’ve been members of WorkAway Offices ever since.

I was immediately impressed by this young and dynamic duo.  They are very intelligent, extremely hard working, motivated and very open to new and innovative approaches. Little by little, their company, Lemay Ai, began to grow and add more employees and take on more space in our building.  They’re doing great and have now grown to 10 employees and have spun off some very interesting ideas.  One being AuditMap Ai, which after having a really informative meeting with them, I believe will revolutionize the audit management industry.

In 2019, AuditMap Ai was born and Mathieu recruited a proven tech industry veteran, Warren Butland, as its Executive Vice-President and head of business development.  It didn’t take long for new business opportunities to be realized by AuditMap Ai.

On October 22, 2019, AuditMap Ai announced a new engagement with Swiss based SIX Group Ltd. to evaluate and run a specified pilot project using the AuditMap enterprise risk intelligence platform.

Excerpt from their recent press release – “ has developed an enterprise risk intelligence platform that helps an organization’s leadership team and Internal Audit process to identify risks from internal and external audit reports. The AI-powered tool, among other things, helps assess and profile key risks and risk trends.”

 At the time of this article, I understand that several international accounting firms are now reviewing and seriously considering integrating the AuditMap Ai platform.

At WorkAway Offices, we are extremely happy for the success that this young and dynamic group have had to-date, and I’m sure that it’s just the beginning of greater things to come for them.

I hope that the community, business and office support that WorkAway Offices provides for our Members has helped Lemay and AuditMapAi in some small way.  We’re all about supporting our Members.