WorkAway Offices CEO invests in AuditMap Technologies

Vince Valenti, CEO of WorkAway Offices, a coworking space in Ottawa, is pleased to announce that he has personally invested in one of WorkAway’s member companies, AuditMap Technologies.

AuditMap has built an enterprise risk intelligence platform that helps large organizations understand risks and risk trends within their organization, through the analysis of large amounts of text data held within and outside the organization. With its platform, AuditMap aims to be the leading software contender in the internal audit space by leveraging their proprietary artificial intelligence technologies. This presents a huge opportunity for the integration and streamlining of risk management.

“I’m so pleased that I can help this amazing team in introducing their technology to the world of auditing.  Led by Mathieu Lemay, Daniel Shapiro and Warren Butland, their software solution will undoubtedly change the world of accounting and auditing. “ Vince Valenti, CEO of WorkAway Offices.

 “Vince has already been acting as a mentor and sounding board for our young corporation.  We couldn’t be more pleased to have one of our earliest champions come on board as an investor.  He and WorkAway Offices have been a huge help to the AuditMap team in providing office space, support and mentorship.” Mathieu Lemay, CEO of