Broker Referral


Offer Your Clients Flexible Office Solutions at WorkAway

As a CRE professional, your clients rely on you as their trusted advisor. Whether you’re building solutions to help manage employees back to the corporate office or helping a client to downsize their office space, WorkAway Offices is here to help you tailor the strategies that will navigate clients through this uncertainty.


What information will you need in order to submit an introduction?

When referring potential new client members to WorkAway Offices, we will need your client’s name, email address and phone number. In addition, we’ll want to know their company name, type of business operation and the approximate number of desks or offices required.

What compensation will I receive if I refer my client to WorkAway Offices?

You can structure your compensation in one of the following ways:

10% of your client’s total contract value on months 1-12


5% of the total contract value

Do I qualify for the Broker Program?

All individuals that are registered to trade in real estate within Canada will be eligible to participate in the Broker Program and agree with the terms and conditions of our WorkAway Offices Broker Program Terms of Service Agreement.

Will my introductions qualify for the Broker Program?

As long as your introductions adhere to the following stipulations, we will pay you the appropriate broker compensation:

· The referred person and their business entity must be approved and qualified to be a member of WorkAway Offices

· The new member must not be a current or previous member of WorkAway Offices

· The new member must enter into a WorkAway Offices Membership Agreement within 3 months from the date of introduction

· The new member has not previously contacted WorkAway Offices or has been introduced by another party prior to your introduction

· The new member is not a subsidiary, affiliate or entity under common control of an existing member

When will I receive my commission?

The new member must sign a WorkAway Offices Member Agreement, provide their 1st month’s rent and deposit, and occupy the space.

If the member signs a one-year commitment, or longer, the referral fee will be paid within 30 days of the member occupying the space. For all month-to-month member agreements, the referral fee will be paid every 90 days for up to a year, based on the gross membership fee received to-date.

How will I know if my client introduction was successful?

We’ll send you an email notification as soon as your client signs a WorkAway Membership Agreement.

Will I earn additional fees if my client expands their space at WorkAway?

Yes. For expansion agreements, you’ll earn 10% of your client’s gross membership fee for up to 12 months from the initial starting date.

What information do you need for me to register for the WorkAway Broker Program?

In order to register and start submitting client introductions, we’ll need your name, company name, email address and phone number. Later, we’ll require banking information in order to transfer fees for successful deals.

Where can I find WorkAway’s Broker Program Terms of Service Agreement?

Questions can be sent via email to

Do I have access to any WorkAway Offices benefits or events for participating in the WorkAway Broker Program?

For full access to WorkAway benefits you must have a WorkAway Offices Membership. However, brokers who refer clients to WorkAway will be invited to exclusive invitations for events, like meetups and location previews.

Which Membership Plans qualify for a Referral Fee?

WorkAway Offices will pay referral fees for the successful introduction and Member Agreement execution related to rentals of private offices and managed suites.

How does the WorkAway Office sales process work?

If you choose to allow WorkAway Offices to contact your clients directly, a member of our sales team will reach out by telephone to discuss their preferences and will then schedule a tour to show our office space and explain all of our services and benefits.

If you do not give WorkAway Offices permission to contact your client directly, a member of our sales team will reach out to you to discuss your client’s workspace needs and set up a time where you and your client can tour the office and obtain details about how our flexible office community works.

How can I support the sales process?

Our sales team is well-versed in WorkAway’s offerings, so immediately communicating your client’s questions and concerns to our team will ensure a timely and appropriate response.

Can I be involved in the process with my client?

We want the sales process to be as transparent as possible and for you to remain as involved as you’d like. We’ll never reach out to a potential client without your consent, and you’re always welcome to come along on tours of the space.

Can I give the tour myself?

Yes, but a WorkAway team member will always accompany you.


WorkAway Offices has beautiful fully furnished office space for your clients that require space on short notice, need flexible lease options, or want a move-in-ready option.  We offer private or shared offices for up to 5 people, office suites for up to 10 people, and dedicated desks. Every option comes with access to meeting rooms, kitchen, lounge, ultra-fast WiFi, espresso bar, and mail services for growing and established businesses.